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why we're here

Duluth needed a little pazazz and we're here to Glitter up the place! 

Really, Amber just absolutely loves events, parties and having fun with PEOPLE. When it comes to making sure everyone is taken care of and not one detail is left out, Amber is your girl. 

Our Craft and Vendor Fairs all started as a way to get together with our fellow entrepreneurs and craftspeople and help each other be successful. Shoppers liked them SO MUCH that we thought to ourselves, 'let's see where this goes...'  Fast forward to today and our team couldn't be more excited to get the next event out there. Shoppers love the pop-up style and curated craftsmen / vendor lists, vendors love the success that the Craft and Vendor Fairs bring to their business.  Win-win-win.

Our exclusive Glitterati Parties happen once or twice a year and we put all we've got into them! Each party has it's own theme (did we mention that Amber LOVES parties?) and unique vibe. Every guest is cared for and loved. Every single detail is covered. Really, we just want to get dressed up and help you have an incredible experience with your friends, family or first date. Duluth needed exciting events like this and we are HERE to party with you.

Plus, EVERY Glitterati event benefits a local charity right here in the Northland. We've donated to the Ronald McDonald House, PAVSA, Wildwoods, and we're just getting started.

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Amber Brostrom
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